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Am I the only one that was absolutely (kinda) devastated when they heard that Alyssa Milano will not be returning to ABC’s Mistresses (2013-)?!?! I do love the entire cast but to be honest, I mainly started watching it because of Alysaa Milano. I’m pretty sure its the same for everyone (so I’ve read on other blogs) I have been a huge fan of Milano since Charmed (1998-2006), I was completely obsessed with charmed, and I really loved her on TV so when mistresses came out I was excited and the first two seasons where really good. I am skepitical as to wether or not I will enjoy the next season and will there be a new lead female?

Anyway, in honour of Milano’s departure from the show I have decided to revisit her role as Phoebe (and some of Paige’s looks – played by Rose McGowan) in Charmed to show you how to get the look. Milano’s character in charmed had an amazing wardrobe, one that is often overlooked when talking about fashion on TV, although the show ended some many years ago a lot of phoebes looks are still relevant today. Check it out…

Season 4 episode 4: Enter the demon

charmed paige season 4 episode 4 charmed

womens trousers with suspenders

Trousers (above) from £36.48 ($56)

 Season 4 episode 18: Bite Me

charmed s 4 episode 18

Image 1 of ASOS Cross Front Wrap Halter Swimsuit

dress (L) from £30 ($60) , bikini top (R) from £28 ($35) , body (below) from £12 ($20)

Season 5 episode 5: witches in tights

charmed phoebe crochet crop top season  5 e 5

Image 1 of ASOS Halter Bralet In Hand CrochetImage 4 of ASOS Crochet Kimono Cardigan

top (L) from £28 ($50) cardigan (R) from £38 ($40.50)

Season 5 episode 10: y tu mummy tambien

phoebe season5 episode10 charmed

Image 3 of Reclaimed Vintage Denim Jacket In Dip Dye

jacket (L) from £70 ($127) , shirt (R) from £8 ($14)

Season 5 episode 13: House Call

charmed phoebe season5 episode13 charmed

pyjamas from £18 ($n/a)

Season 5 episode 22: Oh My Goddess part 1

charmed season 5 episode 22

 Image 1 of Missguided White Plunge Split Front Maxi DressImage 4 of TFNC Maxi Dress With Embellished Waist Detail

dress (L) from £40 ($80), dress (R) from £65 ($118), dress (below) from £35 ($70)


Season 6 episode 1: Valhalley of the dolls part 1

phoebe season 6 episode1 charmed

Image 1 of ASOS Chain Back Embellished Triangle Bikini TopImage 1 of ASOS Fine Bar Multirow Belly Chain

Bikini top (L) from £24 ($43) , Belly Chain from £8 ($14.50)

 Season 6 episode 10: Chris-Crossed

charmed paige season 6 ep10

dress (L) from £28 ($56) , dress (R) from £8 ($14)

Season 6 episode 22: its a bad, bad, bad, bad world part 1

charmed paige phoebe episode 6x22

Black One-Shoulder Crop Top

top (L) from £8.78 ($13.25) , dress (R) from £15 ($24)

Season 7 episode 3: cheaper by the coven

charmed phoebe season 7x3

Image 1 of Marie Meili Bridal Bustier

Bustier (top) from £30 ($54)

Season 7 episode 20: Imaginary Friends

charmed paige-season 7x20

Image 1 of ASOS Plunge Neck Strappy Cami Top

 top (L) from £18 ($36) , top (R) from £22 ($40)


(most images have been sourced from charmed images )


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