clueless – get the look

In honour of Clueless (1995) turning 20 this year, i have put together a ‘get the look’ to bring out your inner Cher or Dionne…

Water Bottle holder (above) from £17 ($26.60)

image description

1990 i-phone case from £16.95 ($n/a)

Image 4 of Story Of Lola Festival Mini Skirt In Faux Fur Leopard Print co-ord

Faux leopard mini skirt from £35 ($63)

yellow skirt from £11.43 ($17.99)

tartan blazer from £19.99 ($33.93)

red kilt from £16.99 ($26.93)

Image 1 of ASOS SUMMER Heels

black shoes from £35 ($63)


Lumberjack coat from £40 ($80)

contrast collar dress from £24.99 ($42.42)

Image description

black suede skirt from £15 ($33.75)

shirt dress from £18 ($36)


Image 4 of Motel Annie Skirt in Tartan Print
skirt from £28 ($50.74)


One thought on “clueless – get the look

  1. tkorsing says:

    I had to comment !!! One of my favorite movies . Not to mention i was reminiscing how (not sure if you have this store in your city) but Wet seal use to cater to he wardrobe of clueless !! Now its all commerical
    And blah (still like there clothes) but yeah i sae ur post and i was like i loved there looks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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