The Intern – Review + Get The Look

At 70 years old, Ben (Robert De Niro) is retired and is starting to get bored of his daily routine and decides to apply for a senior intern position at a new e-commerce company, ‘About the Fit’. Jules (Anne Hathaway) unwillingly takes on Ben as her personal intern, despite his popularity amongst his younger colleagues; Jules is convinced they won’t get along.

Bens ‘old fashion’ ways start to rub off on his colleagues and Jules, forcing them to question their own modern approaches to situations at home and in the office. Jules started the company herself, and is struggling to balance both her home life and work load, whilst questioning whether or not she should hire someone to lessen her work load.

The intern makes you look at life in a very realistic light. It touches the subjects of death, friendship, marriage, growing up and family. I think one of the morals of the story is that you can’t give up something you love for someone you love, because if they love you they would want you to be happy. The intern is a great film for the whole family, it will make you laugh out loud  and cry all at the same time, I highly recommend you go see it.

(out now in cinemas UK wide)



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