Cruel Intentions Remake!?!? + Get The Look

OMG! So if you haven’t already heard, apparently, Cruel Intentions (1999) will be turned into a TV show. This could be extremely disastrous or  really great (hopefully the latter). According to Variety, NBC has already bought the script from the original films writer and director, Roger Kunmble.

The new TV show will be a modern continuation from the first film in which Reese Witherspoons character (Annette Hargrove) was pregnant at the end of the film. The TV show will be based around her 16 year old son who discovers his late fathers journal, Sebastian Valmont played by Ryan Phillippe in the original film, and transfers to a ‘prep’ school to understand his fathers  legacy.  

Although this all sounds very exciting, I cant help but think of shows like Gossip Girl (2007-2012) and 90210 (2008-2013), I do think there is always space for a good high school based TV show, but I am intrigued to see how they will keep the dark tones of the original film whilst creating a non-cliché high school show…

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