Nintendo Quest – review

Nintendo Quest follows Jay Bartlett on his quest to own all 678 original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games in the space of 30 days. Sounds crazy enough, but on top of only having 30 days, Jay has to do this without using the internet, which sees him and the film crew travel across Canada.
Jay is the manager of a video games store and has over 30 years of video games memorabilia including a large games library, not to mention an impressive star wars collection. Jay sees this challenge as an opportunity to acquire something he has always wanted, all 678 original NES games, and also an opportunity to be a part of an adventure and be a part of something unique and different. Jay visits several game shops, fellow collectors, friends and even friends of friends collecting a variety of original NES games along the way.
The film is all about adventure and chasing your dreams. Although the film is based around Nintendo games, culture and its history, the film touches on several other subjects including family and friends. After watching Jays journey, you really get to understand the history and culture of Nintendo and what it means to Jay and other fans.
I definitely recommend this film, after watching it I guarantee you will want to embark on your own adventure…

Nintendo Quest is available to buy or rent here!

girl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film rating

(my film star rating out of 5 – 4/5)

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