Like Crazy – Mini Review

Like Crazy is about a couple, the girl is from England and the guy is from America. They meet whilst at college (or university) in America and fall madly in love. Eventually, their nationalities become bit of a problem in their relationship and the couple struggle to stay together…

The film seemed to start a bit slow but then all of sudden you fall head over hills for the characters. I watched this film when I was tired, thinking I’d just fall asleep to it, but it really pulled me in. It’s like one of those arty film’s where there isn’t a whole lot of talking and action but at the same time you totally just get it! It is a classic love story told in a very modern way and yet still very realistic.

One of the things that attracted me to the film in the first place was the cast; Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin (swoon), Jennifer Lawrence and Alex Kingston.

If you love a good romantic film then you definitely need to watch this film, you can still catch it on Netflix!

                                                girl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film rating

                                                         (my film star rating out of 5 – 3/5)

Have you seen this film, what did you think?

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