Ally Zonsius: Girl About… Film

It is commonly known that directing seems to be a male dominated role. Sadly, There aren’t a lot of female directors that you could name off the top of your head. Meet this weeks Girl About…Film, Ally Zonsius! find out how she became a director, advise for aspiring directors and more…


Los Angeles, CA


 Instagram: @allyzonsius
 Twitter: @AllyZonsius

How did you become a director?

I started out as an Actor, and most days, hated it. I needed to lead, to create. So after going through multiple positions on a crew, and learning everything I possibly could, I started directing my own stuff. 

So did you always want to be a director?

No. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a long time. I grew up where creativity was frankly frowned upon. In my last few years of high school I fell into the Drama Club, I was a jock, it was taboo, but it changed my life. 

Typical work day

I mostly do short form work, commercials and music videos. With that, there is a lot of in-between gigs where I usually write and develop spec ideas or pitch to new clients. When I’m on a job, I’m either prepping, going to meetings, story boarding, location scouting, shot listing or doing camera tests, etc…                                                                                       The great thing about my job; everyday is totally different and new.

What keeps you motivated?

The joy I get when I have a finished product in hand. The sweat, blood and tears that sometimes goes into productions, is all worth it when the final edit is delivered to a client and that client is happy with your work. 

What would you tell your teenage self?

I cared what people thought too much as a teen and I also didn’t know my own potential. I would have told myself, ‘You can do anything you want. Anything!’

What advice would you tell an aspiring director?

It’s hard, grueling, nutty work! but if you have the skin for it, it will all be worth it. I love creating my own work, I get to practice, and be ultra creative with no client or label above me, I would suggest to just go make something rad that you can be proud of.

most memorable highlight so far?

This year I was awarded on the ‘Shoot Magazine’s New Director’s List for 2015. I went to the DGA (Directors Guild of America), New York for the event with all the other incredibly talented directors on the list this year, and it gave me a little nod that I’m doing something right. 

What does the future look like?

A commercial campaign just began airing in the Bahamas that I shot last Spring, and I’m attached to a feature in Canada, ‘Thicker Than Water’ written by the talented Liz Strange and produced by (the also very talented) Donna Davies. I’m also in pre-production on a fun web series called, ‘Gentle Werewolf’ written by Brendan Weinhold, Stina Pederson, Jesse Bangs and produced by Diana Ward. Both productions are building incredible teams that I look forward to working with. 

Favourite director?

I love Rian Johnson, Zack Snyder, Jason Reitman and Kathryn Bigelow. My love is growing for Sam Esmail and Ben Affleck too.


Some Of Ally’s Work

5 StillFromEducated




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