Balibart – London Pop Up Shop

Film lover? looking for a great christmas present? or do you just love art?

Balibart is a French online pop-art store that create and sell awesome pop art pieces. Balibart will be launching here in the UK via a pop up shop in London, old street tube station (unit 18), from 8th – 24th December 2015 (just in time for christmas)

Balibart will be showcasing 50 artist’s works from the 200 artists and illustrators that can be found on its website, including: prints, greeting cards, polaroids and art books with a special launch which will feature some of the artists signing artwork instore.

Make sure you go check it out, how often are you able to get art work signed by the actual artist? not often!!

Edition Balibart - Star Wars Tribute

Star Wars Tribute

Rubiant - Blood and Gold

Blood and Gold

Rahma Projekt - Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Rubiant - BAT KNIGHT

Bat Knight
Greg Guillemin - Clint

Founder Maxime Delmotte said:
“We were tired of seeing the same Ikea poster at all our friends house. We truly believe we deserve better than a regular poster. Authentic and unique art should be affordable for everyone. That’s why we created Balibart: to introduce art in
your daily life. An art print today, an art book tomorrow, and soon a coloured cup of tea, an original pillow, a trendy iPhone case, all designed by our artists.”

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