Sherpa – Film Review

Sherpa is a documentary about the 2014 climbing season at Mount Everest from the Sherpa’s point of view after a fight that made headlines in 2013 between European climbers and Sherpa’s.

Having set out to understand the history of the Sherpa’s and their views on Mount Everest, they call the mountain Chomolungma, and that incident in 2013. No one expected the most devastating incident to happen in Mount Everest history to occur whilst filming, but it did…

As the Sherpa’s went to prepare safe passage for the western climber’s, a 14 million ton block of ice fell onto the notoriously dangerous climbing route killing 16 Sherpa’s. The Sherpa’s were devastated and questioned whether or not they should continue to climb or end the season, refund the climber’s and miss out on being paid.

Set against an awe-inspiring backdrop of the beautiful mountains, Sherpa explores an in-depth understanding of Mount Everest and how Sherpa’s really feel. It is a real, beautiful, sad and thought provoking tale of two worlds: The Sherpa’s and the westerners.

The documentary is very honest, showing different sides to a very sad story. I recommend this film to everyone, from avid climbers to self-proclaimed film lover’s, Sherpa is a must see.

SHERPA is in UK cinemas from 18thDecember and will broadcast globally on Discovery Channel in 2016

girl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film ratinggirl about film - film rating

(my film star rating out of 5 – 5/5)

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Girl About Film

“Beautiful, awe-inspiring cinematography. Real coverage of real people”

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