Lauren Imparto: Girl About… Health

From wall street to eagle pose this ‘girl’ really knows how to turn something she love’s into a career / lifestyle. Meet this weeks Girl About…Health, Lauren Imparto! find out why her new book ‘Retox’ is so great, her advice on changing career paths and what keeps her motivated…

Lauren Imparto

New York, USA

Instagram: @iamyoustudio
Twitter: @IAMYOUstudio

What advice would you give people looking to change career path like you did?

Stop, think, and make a plan! The world is a challenging place, so going into a career change without a plan, and various contingency plans, is only going to make it harder. I address this in RETOX because I too often see people just leaping, but without thinking. By all means jump!  – I did. But sketch out a few landing pads.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Never give up! Being an entrepreneur is harder than any other job you will ever have, and it is replete with constant ‘no’s.’ But if it is really your dream, and you really want to do it, it is always easy, and worthwhile.  But giving up is not an option. As I say in my business coaching classes, “The Hustle is Real.”

What do you love about your job(s)?

Helping people! I get to help people from so many walks of life in so many different ways, it is truly incredible. From classes at the studio, social media nuggets of inspiration, the blog ( and now my first book, RETOX, I get to help people become their best version of themselves, no matter what life throw’s them, and use my passions – yoga, nourishment, mind-set and music – to do so. So cool!

What motivates you?

Life! There is SO much to do in life, so many places to go, people to meet, things to eat, experiences to have.  Soaking it all in, and from there, learning, growing and helping is what keeps me going.  That and my family!

What advice would you give to Yoga beginners?

Just do it.  And maybe start with a normal all levels class as opposed to a beginner one so you do not get bored.  I hid in the back corner in my basketball shorts and XXL t-shirts for months, watching, listening, and learning. The challenge of an open, well instructed class will likely keep you going back. At I.AM.YOU. all our classes are very clearly lead, both live and on the ‘at home‘ videos – we say ‘lift your arm’ or ‘bend your knee’ so that it does not matter what ‘level’ yoga student you are.

WHAT makes ‘retox’ great?

That it’s REAL. RETOX and I get that you are running around, juggling a thousand things, and likely in love with wine and pizza. So am I. Not only do I respect that – I celebrate it.  So, instead of taking you out of your world and fakely constructing one that maybe lasts for a few weeks or months, RETOX makes you better within the context the life you actually lead, and makes you better within it.

WHAT do you like to do in your spare time?

Be outside and with family and friends.  Ideally outside with all of them on the sea! Nothing better!

Lauren in Pictures

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