Jevetta Boyce: Girl About… Film

Meet this weeks Girl About… Film, Jevetta Boyce! find out how she became a videographer, her advice for aspiring videographer’s and more…

Jevetta Boyce

London, UK

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Twitter: @JevettaBoyce
Instagram: @Jevettaboyce 

How did you become a videographer?

I have a GCSE, A Level and Degree in Media. During my 2nd year into my degree, when I bought my equipment, my friend Luke introduced and asked me to film Knytro and High Frequency make music which sparked it all off for me.

Have you always wanted to be a videographer?

No. I always wanted to be a singer but learnt as I got older that I was tone deaf. I then went on to trying to becoming an actor and went to Identity Drama school and thought it would be wise for me to go to University to get a degree in something at the same time. It was only into my 2nd year of University that I actually discovered I enjoyed filming and editing.

How would you describe a typical day on set?

There isn’t a typical day. I like the fact that with this job I get involved in various different projects which means that I don’t tend to work with the same people or in the same locations all the time.

What advice would you give an aspiring videographer?

Experience! Although I have qualifications people didn’t start taking me serious until I had my work out there. It took doing some free work but having a portfolio is key. Whether it is something you filmed on your phone using basic editing software, it lets people know what you are capable of.

Believing in yourself and your craft! I used to feel like my work wasn’t ever good enough to go on YouTube because I could see room for improvement or compared it to someone else work. But once I started showing people my work and having it online I found people were impressed with what I do which helped build my confidence with my work.

Networking! Majority of my work has come about through talking to people. Sometimes it can be daunting to approach someone especially if they seem more experienced then you or just don’t seem approachable, but we have the advantage of Social Media. I have sent many DM’s (direct message) to people just letting them know what I do and why I would be interested in working with them, and as far as I can remember I’ve always received a positive response and have now built friendships with a lot of these people.

What do you love about your job?

The fact that I meet so many people, with so many different passions and to be able to work together to help create their vision it’s like magic.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have something big that I’m planning to do within the new year but I’m not gonna say much about that so just keep a look out.

However I have recently been working with Circle Channel and Certified UK so be sure to check them out.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

It would have to be my first live performance job. I was able to film my friends perform at Reading and Wireless festival. It was my first time going to a festival, so to be given the opportunity to go to 2 in one year with AAA pass and get paid to film and enjoy the experience with my friends. That really was a great way to start my career.



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